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Regular Home Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfection

Bedroom and living room areas

  • Vacuum and/or mop all accessible floor/carpet
  • Dust & wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all solid furniture, desks, chairs
  • Clean mirror/glass fixtures
  • Trash disposal, replace new bags
  • Make bed, make room tidy


  • Dust, mop, and wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Sanitizes all surfaces
  • Clean all toilets & pedals
  • Clean mirror/glass fixtures
  • Trash disposal, replace new bags
  • Make all accessories tidy and towels hanged neatly


  • Vacuum, mop all accessible floor
  • Dust, wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Clean countertop/sink
  • Clean the outside of oven, fridge, microwave, appliances
  • Trash disposal, replace new bags

What’s not included with the regular cleaning?

  • The inside of the fridge, oven, kitchen cabinets
  • Carpet/floor stubborn stains
  • Moving heavy furniture
  • Dish washing, laundry and ironing
  • Exterior window/door cleaning
  • Outdoor cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning : Deep Pressure Washing Service in Oviedo

Oven, Fridge, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathtubs, Hardwater on Bathroom Glass Doors

Cleaning the exterior surface are required almost everyday; deep cleaning is required once every few months.

  • Emptying the fridge, the freezer and all the kitchen cabinets is an exhausting and time consuming. Let our professional, patient workers empty them, clean them, sanitize and disinfect them…Remove all mold and kill all the bacteria; Keep your food and family safe.
  • Oven cleaning and BBQ grills are the toughest to work with. Let our team use the appropriate chemicals and techniques to clean up your toughest stains
  • Remember these hard water on your bathroom glass door that you think they are un-removable! Good news, we can take it out.

Carpet cleaning service in Oviedo & Rug Cleaning

  • Carpet vacuuming removes dust, lint, hair, and other solid debris from the carpet but will never kill germs, will never remove stains, and will never rejuvenate your carpet as it was. Let our team use the appropriate chemicals and techniques to clean, sanitize, disinfect your carpets and remove all possible stains. We provide our team with best and most advanced chemicals and mechanical tools in order to get the best results.

Sofa Cleaning

  • You spend most of your time at home on your sofas…That is, you, your kids, visitors, and pets. Sofas are the most item used but the least cleaned.
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Outdoor Cleaning

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High Pressure Washing
We are committed to full cleaning services, inside out and floor to roof. Our high trained cleaning team will leave no effort to revive your property. Our high-pressure cleaning utilizes pressure between 500-4500 psi which with the help of the appropriate chemicals can remove all kind of stains, mold, gum, etc. Our services can include, but not limited to:

  • Driveway, sidewalk paver, pool deck area, patio, pergola, and pool-screen cleaning
  • Roof cleaning
  • Brick fences or stone walls and building façade cleaning
  • Garage floor and door cleaning
  • Tennis courts, and sports facilities cleaning

Paver Polymer-Grout Filler

The best filler for paver joints. It will cost you a little bit more, but it will leave you much more satisfied with the end results… As this type of sand will block the spaces between the bricks so no more weeds or ants will come out

Pavers Sealant

Whether you have an existing paver or you are installing a new one, applying a layer of a sealant is an excellent idea to protect your investment. That is, the sealer will act like a waterproof for your paver, which will make it much easier to wash off and clean; in addition, it will prevent the growth of moulid due to humidity and wet environment. Wet-look–finish-sealant will give a permanent fresh and vivid look; your neighbors will wish to be on the other side of the street

Building Façade Cleaning

Ask our professional team to remunerate the overlook of your building (shop, house, plaza, mall, fence, etc..) by washing down the accumulated layers of dust, dirt, mold, smoke, etc…

Special Events, Rent a Maid (per hour)

Events are very special moments, whether they are birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, family gathering, work event, on any occasion the host is usually under lots of stress and high pressure, there are a lot to do, before and after!

You don’t have to be there alone, you can ask Mop and Scrub to be there for your…You do the hosting, enjoy the event…, and we do the cleaning … as simple as this

You can hire as many maids as you need, for as long as you need, per hour, in order to help you orchestrating your event.

Move In/Out Cleaning

  • Whether you are the tenant or the landlord; when someone in moving-out or need to move-in the house/apartment must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, must smell and feel fresh. It might even need cleaning (Oven, Fridge, Carpet, Bathroom, etc.)
  • Don’t loose your next customer due to a bad smell or some grease on the microwave!
  • Don’t reduce your rent value because the x-tenant had a pet and made the carpet smell!
  • Don’t end up by changing the bathtub or toilet seats because of some scaling and discoloring..

You pay only fractions of what you could save

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Our previous experience in general contracting and very long experience in cleaning gives us an edge over all other cleaning companies…That is, Mop and Scrub can do much more than just cleaning. Our specialist can help you out with any of the followings:

  • House renovating
  • House façade reviving (may be add stone cladding)
  • Landscape remodeling
  • Sidewalk, paver, fence make over

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